Vehron Token Use Cases

The mission of Vehron is to leverage the present awareness of blockchain and cryptocurrency in the world today that was absent some five, ten years ago when the whole crypto saga began. The difficulties and limitations that come from accessing or owning cryptocurrencies today widen the gap between the rich, middle class and the poor living the ownership of more than 93% of the circulating cryptocurrency in the hands of less than 5% of the total population. With Vehron we are shifting to make crypto mainstream thus making wealth creation and distribution a must and an equal opportunity. Vehron will serve in diverse markets, industries and communities;

  • Mobile and online payments.

    Use your Vehron mobile apps for seamless instant crypto payments. The integration of RIV coin and ZuumPay allows the Vehron wallet to process fiat along side crypto payments.

  • Cross border payments

    Vehron finance will allow users and owners within the global crypto community to easily process payments globally and cashout in fiat and local currencies, Holding Vehron to get discount service fees

  • Crypto Earn

    $RIV is utilized like a reward token for Saving, Farming, Staking applicants within the Vehron ecosystem

  • Fees

    RIV token will be used to pay fees, fund developers and project owners, support services on the Vehron network

  • Early Access

    The $Vehron token (RIV Coin) will help the investor to participate in ICOs, IDOs and be amongst the first on the list to purchase token on the vehron launchpad

  • DEX

    Use $RIV coin for paying transaction services
    Use $RIV for farming
    Use $RIV for pools
    Use $RIV to distribute rewards and much more

  • Governance

    $Vehron holders can participate in proposing, voting, managing projects in the Vehron ecosystem.
    Or even join our DAO elite community.

Vehron Tokenomics

Our mission is to build a trusted, friendly and stable blockchain financial ecosystem.
The following token utilization is to demonstrate how we are preparing for a long term:

Key Metrics

  • Token symbol: 


  • Total Supply: 


  • Token Price: 

    1RIV = $0.85 USD

  • Blockchain: 

    Polygon Network

  • Contract: 


  • Token type: 

    Utility, Governance

  • Upcoming Auditor: 


Initial Supply of 2,000,000,000 $RIV

  • Team: 8%
  • Reserve Funding: 12%
  • 1st Release: 10%
  • Seed Round: 3%
  • Second Release: 10%
  • Private Sale: 5%
  • Marketing: 10%
  • Pre-Sale: 10%
  • 2nd Release: 10%
  • Public Sale: 7%
  • Stage 3: 5%
  • Advisor: 5%
  • Founders: 15%


Sales Rounds

DateRoundToken Price ($)Token AllocationToken Amount (Vehron)Raised ($)Status
July 2022Seed round0.21253%60,000,000$0.00Upcoming
Aug 2022Private Sale0.4255%100,000,000$0.00Upcoming
Sept 20221st Release0.8510%200,000,000$0,00Upcoming
Nov 2022Pre - Sale0.8510%200,000,000$0.00Upcoming
Dec 20222nd Release0.8510%200,000,000$0,00TBA
Jan 2023Public Sale0.000257%140,000,000$0.00TBA

Token Vesting Schedule

Seed Round12 months vesting, 10% release at TGE (Token Generation Event), then unlock with a given rate in each month
1st Release12 months vesting, fully unlock after vesting period expires and at the end of the 3rd release with same schedule
Private Sale10 months vesting, 15% release at TGE (Token Generation Event), then unlock with a given rate in each month
Pre - Sale9 months vesting, 15% release at TGE (Token Generation Event), then unlock with a given rate in each month
Public Sale100% release at TGE (Token Generation Event)
Developer3 years vesting, lock in first 2 years, unlock in 3rd year - equivalently in 12 months
Technical18 months vesting, lock in first 6 months, then unlock equivalently in 12 months
Advisor2 years vesting, lock in first 1 years, unlock in 2nd year - equivalently in 12 months
Founders3 years vesting, equivalently in every month
Marketing2 years vesting, lock in first 1 years, then unlock equivalently in 12 months

Sales Round Unlock Rate

Table of Unlock token

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RoundTime (Month)
Private Sale15.00%4.25%5.10%5.95%6.80%7.65%9.35%10.20%11.05%11.90%12.75%
Pre - Sale 15.00% 5.10% 5.95% 6.80% 8.50% 9.35% 11.05% 11.90% 12.75% 13.60%

Funds usage

Funds usage