RIV COIN -One Currency, for Everyone, Everywhere.

RIV coin is a decentralized crypto currency designed to serve as the REVIVAL to the true and intended vision of the original crypto currency. A single currency for the digital world for everyone creating equal opportunities with a fair free distribution of RIV for a true decentralized and mainstream adoption.

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A Digital Currency for the Vehron Ecosystem

RIV coin is at the center of a suit of services within the Vehron ecosystem to equipe and enrich your financial assets around the Vehron blockchain network within the global DEFI space.

Own, Swap, Exchange & Spend

Have full access to claim, manage and control your RIV coin and other currencies whenever and however you want.

Trade with Cryptocurrencies

Instantly trade and exchange RIV coin and your DEFI assets within the Vehron ecosystem without any stress.

Instant Global Payment

Built for the mainstream economy, use RIV coin to seamlessly pay for anything online or with your Vehron wallet.

Not too late, Catch up on Crytocurrency with RIV Coin

Own your very first cryptocurrency and connect with the global economy for a new era.

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Unlock your full potential in Fintech with the Vehron Academy

Equipe yourself with full knowledge of the next generation of finance and technolgy at our academy.

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A Unified multipurpose Digital Currency.

Bringing the true meaning of digital currency, RIV coin with the Vehron full-suit of services offers the global population frictionless spending and financial management of DEFI assets.

  • Online Payments
  • DEFI Lending
  • Multi-purpose wallet
  • Crypto Staking
  • Developer API
  • Metaverse and NFTs
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Don't Wait until it is late, claim your own RIV coin

Get a verified account and join the global revolution. Help us transition the world into an equal, fair and rich world by owning DEFI assets and be on your way to financial freedom with RIV coin.

With a system truly built for you with the full application of decentralized technology, you can claim, own and spend RIV coin now with anyone directly from your personalized wallets without any worry.

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How to Claim RIV Coin

With our mission to make cryptocurrency mainstream with mass adoption, we are offerring every Smartphone owner with access to the internet a fair share of RIV coin to get you started on your crypto journey.

work process
  • Step 1

    Create a Verified Vehron account

    Register for a free Vehron account on any of our applications providing the required information

  • Step 2

    Get an Active ZuumPay account

    Get an active wallet by creating a free account on ZuumPay at www.zuumpay.com and add to your Vheorn account

  • Step 3

    Claim Your Share of RIV coin

    Add your ZuumPay account ID to your Vehron wallet and claim your very own RIV coin cryptocurrency

  • Step 4

    Spend and Do More

    Now you own your crypto, what will you do with it?. Spend it, save it, trade it, do whatever you want.

Why choose our platform?

Knowlege is power -Learn more about Vehron

Take your time and browse through our whitepaper and other documments to better understand our vision and why you should join the crypto Rivival with RIV coin and the Vehron ecosystem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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1 A Platform With Equal Opportunities For Everyone

A Platform With Equal Opportunities For Everyone