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Welcome To Zionville

The Digital Multiverse!.

Experience the ZionVille platform and enjoy a soul-stirring experience in an advance digital multiverse. Secure outposts built on a trustable, user-centric distribution ledger capable of cryptocurrency exchange, advance gaming, business, augmented reality and much more. A universe of business opportunities and creative autonomy. A new reality

Building on Vehron Blockchain

The Zionville Multiverse Experience

The first ever all-in-one blockchain platform. A decentralized Multiverses, Blockchain Islands, Gaming, Crypto Real Estate, and a universal ZuumPay payments with RIV coin.


The limits are your own imagination. Create arts, build worlds, launch ventures, travel across the multiverse. What can you do?.



We dare you to reach across the multiverse and explore the unending worlds and realities. What your thing?.


Generate income in RIV coins from multiple revenue pools while having the time of your life in Zionville, the decentralized metaverse.


ZionVille; the Virtual Multiverse

ZionVille is a virtual metaverse that combines the benefits of a modern digital world with the magic of an advance, and futuristic multiverse. Here, you can do anything you want like creating and inventing, business and workplace colaborations, building your own worlds with other citizens, connecting with friends from different cultures and lifestyles. ZionVille will have a DAO voting system to handle all kinds of important matters, like building worlds, exploring the universe and creating tokenized items. In this way, everyone has an equal opportunity to vote for the future!.


    Objectively productize exceptional via customized.


    Interactively integrate extensible users maximizing resource.

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Ready to join the multiveser of explorations?.

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Get Started With NFTs

Create, distribute, and integrate NFTs across the ZionVille multiverse.

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are unique digital assets created on the blockchain. They’re a new way to represent unique digital art, collectibles, and more.

  • Gaming

    Interact as your customized self and do so much across the ZionVille multiverse

  • Earn

    Earn income by providing license to use your property for outside developers.

Experience a great adventure with friends!

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key features

Ready for the ZionVille multivese?.

Go anywhere, Do anything, create everything. Enter the ZionVille Metaverse to discover what's possible.

  • One
    Multiverse Experience

    Explore your wildest imaginations

  • Two
    Dcentralize marketplace

    Trade anything as an NFT in ZionVille

  • Three
    Tokenized Items

    Perform transactions with the RIV coin.

  • Four

    Govern this decentralized multiverse.


Be a Part of The Future of Virtual Economies

By creating an interdimensional metaverse we open the world for Investors, Clients, and Beneficiaries to not just have full control of their art, but to create a new frontier of tomorrow's economy and wealth distribution agenda.