A Decentralized Financial Infrastructure

Our DEFI technology and services are designed to build the necessary foundational layers to support this new digital economy. We offer a complete suite of products and services including crypto/fiat currency, DEX, launchpad, lock liquidity and lock tokens.

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1 RIV = 0.85 USDT

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10,000,000 RIV


Soft Cap


Hard Cap

Raised -10,000,000 RIV

A Truly Revolutionary Cryptocurrency for Everyone, Everywhere.

We want to introduce a new digital ecosystem with a strong identity, created from the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto. Vehron is a next generation ecosystem that allows the user to enjoy a decentralized experience in everyday life.

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We Aim To Serve The Global Community

Vehron (RIV) is a cryptocurrency that serves as a bridge for the digital community to join the decentralized space and create wealth.

Vehron provides the easiest and most direct route to the crypto world, allowing its users to be part of wealth creation and distribution.

Initial free RIV distribution.
Initial token supply for phase One
Digital population to be transitioned

The Vehron Launchpad

Launch the Future with VehronPad

The VehronPad will serve as a catalyst that eases the challenges involved in launching blockchain projects. With the VehronPad, everyone gets to own and invest in well vetted, high quality project on the blockchain and gain access to promising projects. The Vehron LaunchPad will empower crypto currency projects with the ability to distribute tokens and raise liquidity with ease.

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RIV ICO Starts In

If you had the opportunity to own Bitcoin or Ethereum years ago when it began, wouldn’t you have done anything to get hold of it? If so, then you should get involved with RIV – a global currency for a global community that has real-life applications and is sure to be worth more than $100 billion within the next five years.

Building a Global “digital bank” platform in the cryptocurrency market

We are not just creating the world leading decentralized financial infrastructure or just another cryptocurrency wallet – Vehron Wallet can be considered as a pioneering digital bank in connecting the crypto market and the need to use cryptocurrency to make transactions by RIV Coin in daily life.

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Our Motivated Team

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Ndamo Ndamo

Ndamo Ndamo

Chief Visionary Officer

Our Roadmap

The vision is to have the Vehron tokens and services fully operational by the four quarter of 2023 and should had completed it's first three rounds of funding making ample resources for full Vehron protocol development, implementation and products.

Q4 2021 NOV

Vehron Concept and planning System research and design begins Whitepaper and start of ICO platform Draft and Design of Tokenomics ICO stage setup

Q2 2022 May

Development of Vehron begins Architectural Infrastructure plan created Whitepaper, and start of website development Design Market Strategy Test ICO platform Implement roadmap

Q3 2022 Sept

ICO Platform final test - Releasing function Creating Vehron Tokens Vehron wallet design starts Launch of whitepaper Impementing polygon contract ICO plan and setup

Q4 Nov 2022

Announce project and ICO sales Vehron community and ecosystem Development of Vehron wallet begins ICO Seed and Private sale begins ICO Pre-Sale Announcements First release of RIV tokens

Dec - Jan 2023

Marketing and Community Engagement ICO Public pre-sale announcement Updating the Vehron Wallet Features and DApps Developing the Vehron Blockchain begins Setup Currency List

Q1 Jan 2023

Vehron global network begins Presale begins Vehron DEX and Launchpad dev begins Exchange Listings begins ICO Public Sale announcements Vehron wallet test begins RIV share distribution begins

Q3 May 2023

LIVE AIDROP MODULE ON VEHRON APPS/WALLETS Second release begins Vehron Prometheus chain development and Testing Zionsville, Vehron Exchange and NFT Introduction Exchange listing and pairing Adding crypto chains to the Vehron wallet Creating currency conveter Distribution to first 4M subscribers

Vehron Recent Posts

Follow up on the recent updates and stories about Vehron.

JPMorgan Wants to Bring Trillions of Dollars of Tokenized Assets to DeF

JPMorgan Wants to Bring Trillions of Dollars of Tokenized Assets to DeF

The bank’s recent tokenization of money market funds with BlackRock dovetails with an institutional DeFi project led by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

June 12, 2022
Wanna Bet? Crypto Prediction Markets Could Be a New ‘Source of Truth’

Wanna Bet? Crypto Prediction Markets Could Be a New ‘Source of Truth’

Andrew Eaddy and Clay Graubard made the case for empowering individuals through technology as trust in institutions declines.

June 12, 2022

To be Available on IOS, Android & Hard wallets.

Get ready to explore the possibilities of what you can do with your new multi-purpose Vehron mobile wallet.