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Bringing greater choice, independence and opportunity to individuals around the world through blockchain technology. JOIN US TRANSFORM THE WORLD.

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Growing Talents for Tomorrow

At Vehron, we're changing the way work is done for good.

Through the Vehron career initiative, we are changing the way work gets done across the world with a decentralized one global ecosystem -Vehron.

Take ownership

At Vehron, you are in control of your career. Learn a new skill and grow with our platform, get earn in RIV.


Future-proof your career

Stop worrying too much about what's next with access to skills that enable you to start long-term jobs.

Keep 100% of what you earn

Our talent fee is 0% which means you can set your own rates and keep 100% of what you earn with RIV.


Satoshi's Vision

Satoshi foresaw a new electronic cash system that's fully peer-to-peer, with no trusted third party.” A Cryptocurrency owned by everyone digitally connected in the world. With this mission we are building a community driven to accelerate the world's transition to cryptocurrency.

Remote Positions

The workplace life has change since the break of covid 19. Secure remote careers – work from anywhere in the world.

Salary paid in RIV coin

All salaries are paid in crypto slike Vehron (RIV), Bitcoin (BTC). Experience the financial revolution from the front seats.


Multiple Crypto, Blockchain, and Web3 Opportunities

Find the latest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency jobs. Browse job listings, interview tips, and connect with recruiters. Blockchain- and Cryptocurrency- related jobs will see a sharp increase in the next decade with many exciting new opportunities for developers who know.

  • Blockchain Developer
  • Blockchain web designer
  • Crypto Security Engineer
  • Financial Manager
  • Crypto Data Scientist
  • Crypto Community Manager
Know More About Us

Understand Work In the Crypto World

The birth of a new industry is rare. Even rarer is that industry becoming larger than most countries within a decade. That’s what we’ve witnessed in the digital assets space in the last 12 years as Bitcoin went from niche technology to mainstream financial instrument. The vast majority of crypto jobs were created just after the boom in 2017. The four-year period between September 2015 and September 2019 saw the share of crypto jobs in the mainstream economy soar by 1,457%.

  • 1,458%

    The increase of workforce in the Blockchain industry.

  • 73K+

    Global avarage salary working in the crypto ecosystem

  • 76T+

    The expected blockchain industry value by 2026

  • 18+

    More crypto currencies are created every year

coming soon

The Vehron Career Center

You'll have the opportunity to join the Vehron team from anywhere in the world joining us in our mission to make crypto currency mainstream across the global economy.

Remote Work Supported
Get Paid in RIV
Hardware and Software

Together We are Limitless

Why Work Here

Because you’re passionate about the possibilities of crypto, you’re hungry to make a difference and you want to work with a team who celebrates thinking big, pushing boundaries and collaborative hustling.

1. Competitive Salary & Benefits

We like to recognise great work and encourage this through a quarterly and annual performance-based bonus scheme. We’re currently designing a market leading benefits framework, so watch this space.

2. Flexible & Remote Working

We fully embrace flexible and remote working. Trust is at the core of our business and while we may be remote, we’re certainly not removed. Through interactive tech solutions and regular global meetups we have a kick-ass culture and strong social connections

3. Collaborative Hustle

This means doing great things and doing them together. We think big, we push for better and we seek out diverse perspectives when it comes to imagining our future or solving our problems. We aren’t constrained by what’s been done in the past. We think about what’s possible and we do it as a team.