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We partner with institutions to provide online on-demand courses and bundled certificate programs offering the most in-depth blockchain training experience for technical and non-technical student audiences.,


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Our experts provides an overview of Bitcoin, Hyperledger, Ethereum, and Multichain blockchain platforms. In this academy, you will utilize tools like Ganache, Truffle, Meta Mask, and Geth to build blockchain applications, learn how to set up a private blockchain network using Hyperledger Composer, and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum, Binancem Vehron, and more.

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Quickly incubate functional channels with multidisciplinary architectures, authoritatively fabricate, and formulate exceptional innovation.

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Vehron curates the best new blockchain jobs at leading companies and startups that use blockchain technology.

  • Blockchain developer
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  • Account Executives
  • Web3/Crypto Marketing Lead
  • Blockchain Security Consultant
  • DeFi Expert
  • Crypto AML Data & Analytics

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Our ecosystem partners contribute added value to support objective learning as well as offer complementary components to drive #1431ff application locally, nationally & internationally through a coordinated approach to Blockchain innovation


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Wanna Bet? Crypto Prediction Markets Could Be a New ‘Source of Truth’

Wanna Bet? Crypto Prediction Markets Could Be a New ‘Source of Truth’

Andrew Eaddy and Clay Graubard made the case for empowering individuals through technology as trust in institutions declines.

June 12, 2022
JPMorgan Wants to Bring Trillions of Dollars of Tokenized Assets to DeF

JPMorgan Wants to Bring Trillions of Dollars of Tokenized Assets to DeF

The bank’s recent tokenization of money market funds with BlackRock dovetails with an institutional DeFi project led by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

June 12, 2022